The 29-Hour Podcast

Conversations with theater actors, writers and directors hosted by Sam Heldt and Julia Meinwald.

This week we talk with writer and performer Grace McLean about what you learn doing a single role hundreds of times over the course of three years, declining to sing dirty songs about Alan Rickman when overseas, and the multiverse in which Grace is a speech pathologist in Canada.

This week we talk with writer Sam Salmond about how to stand up for yourself without being seen as a diva, writing from (very) personal experience, and our collective adoration of Bill Finn.

We're kicking off Season Two by talking to writer Sarah Hammond about vision boards, choosing your words in the face of very good news, and irrational behavior from famously rational historical figures.

In this week's mini-episode slash season finale, Sam and Julia talk to each other about how they met, compare their relationship to a tree, and take stock of how this whole podcast thing is going. 

This week we talk to actor and writer Lynne Marie Rosenberg about going on dates with a language acquisition robot, representation in casting, and what a year without Shakespeare would look like.

This week we talk to writer and actor Jeff Talbott about becoming an "instant playwright", how to approach starting a new piece, and how little it costs to be kind.

This week we talk to actress and singer-songwriter Lauren Marcus about what it feels like to incur a serious injury onstage, being part of a cool cult, and the blessing and curse of being called unique.

This week we talked to director Ethan Heard about exploring queerness in the classic canon, working with incarcerated populations on Beethoven's Fidelio, and the importance of being in rooms together.

This week we talk with actress Victoria Huston-Elem about feeling like a fraud, re-acclimating to New York after working out of town, and singing higher notes than she's ever sung before on tour.

This week we talk with writer Zack Zadek about our strict childhood piano teachers, the thrill of hearing new material for the first time, and whether musical buttons are a necessary evil.

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