The 29-Hour Podcast

Conversations with theater actors, writers and directors hosted by Sam Heldt and Julia Meinwald.

This week we talked with writer Amina Henry about naturalism and surrealism, multiple attempts to write her grandmother into a play, and our various reasons for avoiding vacations.  

This week we talk with actress Hana Slevin about how to stand out on paper, choosing to move to NYC, and the difference between acting for stage and film.

This week's conversation with writer Chris Dimond features his origin story with collaborator Michael Kooman, thoughts on balancing commercial viability with personal predilections, and a sneak peak at the new studio album for The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes. 

This week we talk with performer Allison Posner about the rise and fall of the celebrity autograph, visible parenting in the theatre, and how she pre-gamed for her first date with her husband.

This week we talk with actor Alex Gibson about his experience performing in Octet, misconceptions about the bass voice, and whether emotional truth is overrated.

This week we talk with director Tom Costello about the myth of a secret code within the theatre industry, fear of doing things wrong, and why being an actor might not necessarily make you a better mafia player.

This week we talk with writers Amy Burgess and Sara Cooper about using all five senses in the theatre, the evolving experience of seeing a show multiple times, and our recent production of Elevator Heart.

This week we talk with director Rachel Dart about imprinting on celebrities, different ways to go about casting a frat boy with a heart of gold, and the best way to answer questions about "what's going on next with you?"

This week we talk with music director and orchestrator Matt Castle about his super powers when teaching music, his process in re-orchestrating Into The Woods, and the futility in pressuring a guy's voice to be there when it just isn't.

#26: Eli Bolin

This week we talk to composer Eli Bolin about setting found text to music, writing songs for Sesame Street, and the ephemerality of kids' memories.

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